April 20, 2008

Breadcrumb: Play it again, Sam

Back in 1 Sam. 10, we found out the source of an apparently proverbial saying, "is Saul also among the prophets?" Back then, it was because of one of Samuel's signs that Saul would be king: Saul prophesied with a group of singing prophets on his way back to his father's house. In 1 Sam. 19, we're given an alternate explanation: when Saul finally gets fed up with sending incompetent assassins after David, he goes down to kill him himself. However, instead of doing the murderous deed, he strips naked and prophesies with Samuel. Slightly more ominous, don't you think? It would help if we actually knew what the proverb meant, of course. But still, it's nice to keep our options open.

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