March 10, 2008

Breadcrumb: Bible ninjas

In Judg. 9:30-38, we are in the middle of political intrigues with at least four different factions. To simplify things, Zebul, the leader of Shechem, has called Abimelech and his army to fight the usurper Gaal. Abimelech arrives by night and sets up his men in an ambush around the city, ready for an early-morning slaughter. Unfortunately, Gaal chooses this moment to go for a midnight stroll beyond the city walls and sees the massed army lying in wait. Zebul, in what might be a classic Japanese ninja movie image, looks out and says, "There's no army. That's just the shadows of the mountains." Gaal looks again, "No, no... those are definitely men." So Abimelech's men rise up and oust his Gaal's army. Which just goes to show that we should always listen to the wise ninja masters.

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