January 10, 2007

Breadcrumb: More than manna

Pop quiz: what did the Israelites eat while travelling in the desert for 40 years? If you said "manna," you're only half-correct. God did indeed send manna: small, round, white wafers tasting of honey. (Ex. 16:14, 31) But he also sent quails every day in the evening. (Ex. 16:13) Quails are small birds, and one quail is about the right size for a single serving for one adult; this is portion control in action! The only question remaining is: how did they cook them?


Chris M. said...

600,000 quail a day. Much more impressive than merely feeding a multitude on loaves and fishes.

Well, it wouldn't have been hard for the Egyptians to track the Israelites. Just follow the trail of quail bones.

Damien said...

Not to mention all the bones for archaeologists to find today.