May 11, 2007

Breadcrumb: Clothes make the man

Here's a question for all the Biblical-literalists in the audience: what are you wearing? No, I don't mean that in a sexual way, but rather based on Num. 15:37-41, you should wear tassels on the corners of your garments, each with a blue fringe. Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews still wear these tassels, they're called tzitzit. Unlike the dietary laws, which were repealed by St. Paul (Rom. 14 and elsewhere), these clothing laws were never rendered obsolete. By all rights, tzitzit should be in all the clothing stores frequented by good Christians, right next to the sign saying "no mixed blends." (Lev. 19:19)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well I am wearing all cotton. After all I do not like wearing abominations...

Tassels on the other hand dropped off as a fashion statement around 2007 years ago.