October 02, 2006

Breadcrumb: Noahide Laws

Chapter 9 of Genesis contains the basis of the seven Noahide laws. According to Jewish tradition, these seven laws are the commandments given to Gentiles (non-Jews), as opposed to the 613 commandments given to Jews. A Gentile following these seven laws will have a place in the world to come. In brief, they are:

1. Do not worship false gods
2. Do not curse god / blaspheme
3. Do not murder
4. Do not commit sexual immorality
5. Do not steal
6. Do not eat flesh cut from a living being (sometimes "do not be cruel to animals")
7. Establish courts of justice

A few links about Noahide laws:

- Judaism 101
- Wikipedia
- An interesting article by Jacob Scharff


Anonymous said...

Why do you lie, and say the seven noahide laws came from the Old Testement ? The Old Testement contains the TEN COMMANDMENTS, and makes NO MENTION of your ridiculous Talmudic Laws for the goyim ! ~~ The truth on this matter is going viral as I type - mostly because of the treacherous acts of Israel carried out on your Rosh Hashanah - Sept. 11, 2001 ! Did you honestly believe NONE of the hated goy would notice ? You heartless people will NEVER rule over us. Continued attempts in this direction would be foolish of you, I assure you ! ~~ Realize that the Old Testement is literally HISTORY ! ... Tell me have you read Daniel 9 (hebrews) ? ... You haven't - because you are forbidden ! Just like the New Testement... they dont want you to read the TRUTH that your Messiah has come ! Read Daniel 9, Isaiah 53, And The New Testement if you dare ! If I am wrong you have nothing to fear from a little reading - do you ? You sound very intelligent... I hope you are ! ... peace

Anonymous said...

Also dear Julie... you've stated that this is your first reading of the O.T., so I realized perhaps you have yet to be introduced to the Talmud... you sound quite innocent so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you are new to it's contents - please visit : [ Come-and-Hear.com ]. There you will learn that, among other things - The old 'sages' say it's O.K. to have sex with a girl under the age of three ( ! 3 ! ) years old, and she will still be a virgin - because "it's like poking the eye with the finger, and the tears will come, again and again". ~ Hence she will heal, and be a virgin again ! ~ Or did you know that Rabbis suck the blood from a baby's freshly circumcised penis (with their mouths !) ~ Or that females (like you) are "unclean" during their menstrual periods (and a week after), and defile everything they touch ! ~ That only SCRATCHES the surface of the filth contained in thd Talmud !