September 26, 2006

Breadcrumb: What's in a name?

A few nifty etymologies:

"Adam" comes from the Hebrew word for ground (adamah) -- see Gen. 2:7

"Eve," in Hebrew, is Havah, which comes from the word for life (hai or haiah) -- see Gen. 3:20. From "Havah" in Hebrew, it became "Heva" in the Latin Vulgate, and eventually "Eve" in English. Note that Adam only names his wife "Eve" just before they are expelled from Eden.


Anonymous said...

Adamah is the word for red earth. "Red" slightly more than "earth".

Julie said...

Here, I shall disagree with you. The root A-D-M (aleph-daled-mem) yields several words, among them:

- red (adom)
- earth (adamah)
- man / mankind (adam)